Four more years

Zapatero will be again the President of Spain. We can be happy as a victory of the Popular Party would have been an insult to the intelligence and a pure tragedy for the international reputation of Spain. We’ll manage to get through Rodolfo Chikilicuatre as our contestant for Eurovision, but Mariano Rajoy as the new Prime Minister would have been way too much, neither Rajoy nor his team deserved to win.

On the other hand, it seems that the coward terrorist attack on Friday didn’t get much influence on the results. Unlike 2004, the socialists have no footnotes accompanying their victory; therefore I’d love to see a deep transformation within the conservative party — we do need a decent opposition for a better government. It’d be great as well to see improvements in the next socialist administration. Zapatero, you have a second chance, please, esta vez sí, don’t let us down.

Long live Creative Commons


This is a picture I took of Zapatero (the Prime Minister of Spain) in 2005 at the United Nations General Assembly while I was doing an internship there. As usual I uploaded the pic to Flickr, and today I have discovered it’s included in the Wikimedia Commons page and in some of the articles about him! (see for example the Spanish one.)

It isn’t the first time someone uses my pictures, but today I feel particularly happy :-)

¿Por qué no te callas?

Joder, ya.

¿Alguien ha visto una transcripción de lo que está diciendo Chávez?

(Spain’s king tells Venezuela’s Chavez to “shut up”, has anybody seen a transcription of what’s Chavez saying?)

Actualización: Me apuntan que en la portada de El País hay una transcripción, aunque la que se puede encontrar en Noticias24 es más completa:

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Está haciendo algo que quizá es lo más asombroso: está cumpliendo rigurosamente el programa que le llevó a la mayoría electoral.” (Free translation: “He is doing something that is perhaps the most astonishing: he is strictly fulfilling the program that led him to the electoral majority.“)

Felipe González, former Prime Minister of Spain, talking about José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, current Prime Minister.