Video! Video! Video!

The best web application for photos ever, Flickr, has just announced it’s accepting videos. You don’t believe me? Look at this:

Alright, the video is not that impressive, but the thing is cool, right?

Well, people are actually not too enthusiastic about it (even the official note was kind of “excuse us for doing it, believe us it’s OK”). But I think those purists photographers complaining about the danger of uploading videos are just dramatizing unrealistically. The move is a good idea, am I hearing you asking why?

  • First of all because Yahoo! –Flickr is part of it– needs to launch new cool products to increase its price and to gain shareholders’ confidence to fight Microsoft back. This is a cool product.
  • Because compact digital cameras and cellphones (I bet they’re a large proportion of Flickr users) have the possibility of recording videos. Therefore it makes the move a natural one. Now Flickr is offering a repository for the two filetypes you get with these gadgets.
  • It happens to be a great Youtube competitor. In my case, all the videos I have uploaded to Youtube fit Flickr’s model, namely: less that 90 seconds, and taken with the same camera I use for Flickr. This will steal some users from Youtube. Competition, competition, competition = good for us.
  • I have read it can damage the Flickr community. Well, nobody is obliging you or your circle to use it, so if none of you decide to use it you won’t notice any impact, right?
  • Because it’s really well implemented! The interface is perfectly integrated (like any other pic, including georeferencing), and videos are playing smoothly.
  • They’re offering just 90 seconds, and only to photographers with Pro accounts (seeking Pros?). So the videos we’re going to see in Flickr are going to be different to the Youtube kind of video.
  • Last but not least, because the quality of the video uploaded to Flickr is better than Youtube’s (check the difference!).

Now I want to see Youtube accepting photos :-)

The worst day of my life

“Muchachada Nui” –don’t worry the name in Spanish doesn’t make any sense either– is probably the only Spanish TV program I’m kind of watching nowadays (um I think I spoke about this before… yes). It’s broadcast by the public channel RTVE, which is also (intelligently) uploading all the videos to a Youtube channel. Maybe their figures are not that impressive (2,386 subscribers, 342,044 channel views and several top #100), but it’s better than nothing!

Enjuto Mojamuto eeeeeeeh!

Many thanks to Namuras for the English subtitles! (Seen chez Olea.)

I have something to confess

Ffffffffff...I don’t have a TV at home.

Yes, I know, it sounds terrifying. The house where I live is fantastic. I have a splendid terrace, a big room, all kind of furniture, wonderful flatmates… everything is perfect, but there is no TV. Nine months already. Well, we actually have one but it’s broken. Or we haven’t payed the subscription to watch the channels. Or something like that, to be honest I never tried to turn it on.

If I want to watch a movie, I rent it and I play it on the computer. Or I borrow it from friends. It may seem weird, but I’ve even bought a TV series on DVD. Unfortunately I can’t download files from the Internet at home, but I’ve been watching some movies I had downloaded before. And I go to the cinema.

You may wonder if I ever felt the need of watching a particular TV program. The answer is a categorical “yes”. For example, I remember I wanted to watch a program in March in the Spanish public channel. However I found out that they have a working P2P mechanism and that the computer is more than enough. I had the same problem few weeks ago, I wanted to see a new program… which is publishing the videos in Youtube.

Alright. I have to admit that from time to time I really need a TV. That happens when Real Madrid is playing the Champions League. Or with Fernando Alonso, or for the rugby championship (yes, I’ve been perversely influenced). However I’ve discovered that the neighborhood is plenty of great Irish pubs where you can see all kind of matches (you won’t imagine the actual density of matches per day!). And with friends, enjoying a warmer atmosphere. And eating delicious food.

I don’t have a TV at home, and it’s terrific.