That was fast

I set up this blog on Wednesday. Only two days later the string «the german component» appears as the first result in Google:

Friday - Google - The German Component

You may wonder, and what about the grand competitor? Have Yahoo! noticed?

Friday - Yahoo - The German Component

Well, unfortunately the answer is: No.

PS.- I’m currently hosted by Yahoo!

The German Component

I like my name but I didn’t choose it. I didn’t choose either to be born in the sunniest city of Germany, Freiburg, on June 18th, 1978. My family came back before I was able to learn German, which is something I’ve to sort out in the next ten years. I grew up in Granada, the most charming city of Spain.

Although it was not easy, I left the country and now I’ve the chance of living and working in Brussels, the city of beer, chocolate and moules et frites. The Atomium and the predictably unpredictable weather. The geopolitical capital of Europe and of a country without government. An international place with a unique mélange of awesome people, showing off characters. And Belgians. I’m already thinking about leaving the city, but I’ve to learn French before.

Besides filling my wardrobe with T-shirts and black pullovers, the best decision I took so far has been to study Physics when it was nearly sure I was going for Philosophy. As important as asking the right questions is knowing how to answer them. I became a researcher working on computer modelling. Clean and smart. I’m fascinated by software development, although I write long scripts rather than program.

If our limited knowledge of nature is correct I’m a Homo Sapiens Sapiens with a life expectancy of 77.7 years. I’ll witness an absurdly small percentage of the 13.7 billion years and 24 gigaparsecs that this complex universe takes up. I share the pale blue dot with 6,602,224,175 more people, and the blogosphere with the 0.02% of them. Probably I won’t be able to leave this planet, although I’d do everything I can to avoid it.

FreiI’ll die certainly lost –as we all are– but some internal biological mechanism will  try to make me think I’m happy. I’m hurt by the world we live in, and convinced of the wilfulness of the Institutions to change it. They’re a bunch of decent people dulled by corrupt structures and coward leaders. I’m a committed politician not affiliated to any political party. The best political option is yet to come. I neither believe in revolutions nor in revolutionaries. Big things are forged step by step by the work of many, as Science has shown in the last five centuries and Free Software in the last twenty five years.

Am getting deafer and balder, with the age-thirty crisis dangerously approaching in less than a year. I foresee having a wife and several children soon, but before I’ve to tie up the loose ends. During the last years I managed quite well one way or another, at least judging by the top-notch friends found. I’ve spent more time deconstructing prejudices than constructing judgements.

There’s no life before coffee, good days without sun or amusing matches without beer. Music, cinema and e-mail are my basic drugs. I usually go with a camera in the pocket, and I’ve the horrendous habit of making the pictures public. If in the future I want to become a public figure or a secret agent, I’ve been shooting myself in the foot for a while now.

I write because of a personal impulse to study the topics I’m interested in. I publish it because knowledge is dead if it isn’t shared. This blog opens today and will close the day it doesn’t get comments. Deal? Just for the record, things written here do not necessarily represent the position of my employee. The content is distributed under the terms of a Creative Commons License, which means you are granted to share and remix this work (even for commercial purposes), but you must attribute it in proper form and manner. The party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part.

I intend to write mainly in English, I apologize beforehand for present and future errors. For better or for worse it’s the de facto international language, and the only one I can use to broaden the inputs. I learnt the language by dint of travelling. I’ve walked parts of Europe, and America and Asia to a lesser extend. I’m inexcusable indebted with Africa. I’m looking forward to going to the Pacific islands, and I’ve a long list of pending visits.

As long as the list of topics waiting in the stack.

Welcome to The German Component!