Meaningful lectures

Empty, by Shaylor

How many lectures, conferences, speeches … do you attend during a year? Dozens? You go there, you take some notes, and you forget about it forever.

However, there are rare exceptions. You go to the lecture, you take some notes, and for one reason or another, you remember and review the notes once and again. That is a meaningful lecture; the guy had something to say, and fortunately you were there to listen.

I attended one of those meaningful lectures several months ago, during the stage at the Commission. We had two senior speakers: DG Research Director General José Manuel Silva Rodríguez and the Commissioner for Science and Research Janez Potočnik. They both said interesting things in a variety of topics, but I particularly remember Potočnik’s part.

He decided to give us, the young newcomers, some wise advices for a successful professional career (he is the former Slovenia’s Minister for European Affairs as he’s not yet 50, so we may say he had a successful one –ah, and he has a blog–). During his speech he pointed out the following items (please note this is not a transcription but just my notes):

  • Learn fast.
  • Be with the right people.
  • Do not go too high too quickly.
  • Do not be in a hurry for earning much money.
  • If you want to work for the Commission (*), get some years of experience outside. Both parties will benefit.

Maybe it’s not rocket science, but they definitely should be in the first chapter of every hitchhikers guide for the EU galaxy!

(*) You can probably apply this for any international organism.