What I would do if I had a time machine

La Puce is inviting me to follow-up on a meme, the idea is to say what I’d do if I had a time machine.

Like her, I really enjoy the present. It’s the first time in human history we have reached global presence and communication (well, at the Earth level) together with an extended lifespan like never before which have brought us to an unprecedented pace of development.

But I’d get in that time machine and push the button.

I guess that I’d be tempted to travel to the future and check what the deal is in a few hundred years—assuming there’s still a place to travel. However, I’d definitely go back. It’s because I’m so enthusiastic about the possibilities of the future that I’d rather get a video camera with me and record selected moments from the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Then, I’d return to present time and put the raw footage in YouTube to end the discussion once and for all.

Please note this could accidentally change the present, and therefore the future (for the better), so please be careful if you use your time machine after me.

Finally, I’d retire and enjoy the money generated by the YouTube targeted ads.

Nieve en Bruselas

Ramón, aka the man who only thinks in eating, chatting and love, and Héctor, aka not only sprouts, have proposed a little meme (memito?) to remember the snow we had in Brussels last month–don’t ask me why as I believe today has been the sunniest day in 2009 so far.

The mechanism is pretty simple:

  1. The post should be titled “Nieve en Bruselas” (snow in Brussels). Done.
  2. The content should include your photos of Brussels covered with snow.

Well, I don’t have many from this winter, just a couple from the terrace:

img_1389 img_1386

I’ve some more but they’re from March:

DSC04194 DSC04186 DSC04183 DSC04185 DSC04181

Ah wait I do have a video:

I hope this isn’t against the rules.


La puce is sending here a meme, or as they say, “a chain of communication breaching already the continents and especially the blogs”. Olé.

First things first, these are the rules of the game:

  1. Explain the rules
  2. Tell everyone who invited you to play
  3. Reveal six insignificant but curious elements about yourself.
  4. Invite six new players.

#1 and #2 — done. Let’s go for #3, insignificant but curious elements about myself, why not:

  1. In a previous life I was a dog. And I died when I decided to jump from a precipice to try if I was able to fly.
  2. I honestly think that babies are ugly.
  3. I’m scared of empty cars with a light turned on. I think the car is going to explode at any moment.
  4. I love picking my nose.
  5. I don’t know how to do the standard knot to lace my shoes. Yes, the one in the picture.
  6. Last but not least, I was born with a mental lack: I forget the name of a person at the very moment we’re introduced for the first time.

Done! #4: Now let’s spread the fun, I have to nominate six individuals to continue with this curse. Well, I’d like to see what’s going on in tripu’s head before he comes to Brussels. Natalia, I don’t answer your e-mails, but I send you memes. Polisea has been too quiet in the last days; it’d be great to see him speaking again. And the same applies to Phileas Rebeca Fogg. Ah, ah, oh, we have the same problem with Paco (is Sarkozy taking good care of you, con?). And number six is you, dear visitor, please feel free to post lists of insignificances in the comments.