Gara y el criterio

Absolutamente genial. Lo publicó hace un mes pero no lo había visto todavía:

¿No tienes enemigos? ¿Es que jamás amaste la verdad o defendiste la justicia?

Four more years

Zapatero will be again the President of Spain. We can be happy as a victory of the Popular Party would have been an insult to the intelligence and a pure tragedy for the international reputation of Spain. We’ll manage to get through Rodolfo Chikilicuatre as our contestant for Eurovision, but Mariano Rajoy as the new Prime Minister would have been way too much, neither Rajoy nor his team deserved to win.

On the other hand, it seems that the coward terrorist attack on Friday didn’t get much influence on the results. Unlike 2004, the socialists have no footnotes accompanying their victory; therefore I’d love to see a deep transformation within the conservative party — we do need a decent opposition for a better government. It’d be great as well to see improvements in the next socialist administration. Zapatero, you have a second chance, please, esta vez sí, don’t let us down.