Mojamuto se pasa a Ub*ntu

Paso a paso hacia la dominación mundial:

Así que os podéis ir a zurrir mierdas con un látigo…

Te puedes descargar Ubuntu aquí (you can download Ubuntu here).

(Gracias Jose María!)

The worst day of my life

“Muchachada Nui” –don’t worry the name in Spanish doesn’t make any sense either– is probably the only Spanish TV program I’m kind of watching nowadays (um I think I spoke about this before… yes). It’s broadcast by the public channel RTVE, which is also (intelligently) uploading all the videos to a Youtube channel. Maybe their figures are not that impressive (2,386 subscribers, 342,044 channel views and several top #100), but it’s better than nothing!

Enjuto Mojamuto eeeeeeeh!

Many thanks to Namuras for the English subtitles! (Seen chez Olea.)