I got big news

Update: As some of you have guessed, this was my evil’s side playing with April Fools’ Day, thanks dudes.

sun1copy15I gave Washington DC and the USA almost a month and, honestly, this is not what I want.

I lived in other places before and I know this is all the time I need to test a new city. I tried, but the people, the habits, this is not a natural place for me to be. Job is fine, but nothing to do with what I expected. And the weather, you may think is not so important, but for someone coming from the south of Spain (where it is rare not to have a sunny day) and after living two years in Brussels (where it is rare not to have a rainy day) this dark and cold spring in DC is way too much, dude.

Life is short, for real, and we better work hard to get the most of it. So last week I phoned a professional contact I recently made, and I just got confirmation of a decent position in Cape Town, South Africa (!). I always wanted to live in Africa, and especially close to the Tropics, so this is sort of the perfect chance. Unfortunately I still need two months to do the paperwork, but starting June I will be happily based in the other side of the world!

I will only miss the squirrels.

Next station: Washington, DC


Oh man, I’m leaving Brussels.

After several years dedicated to research one way or another, I feel it’s time to tackle new projects. I got an offer I couldn’t refuse and in a couple of weeks or so I’ll be heading to Washington DC to join World Health Organization’s regional office.

(Please note that it’s actually to help out Obama with all the mess — the text above is only the official cover he asked me to say.)

(To be honest this is a promotion within the Spanish intelligence agency, but we want to keep the CIA guys confused.)

(Right, I’ve to stop watching Fringe.)

The idea is to continue working on what I’ve been doing lately — disasters data management if you were wondering. The plan is to be as useful as possible. And to learn, that’s also the plan.

I’m gonna miss the city, reviewing the photos I published during the last two years I realize I almost got an average of a pic per day (!): chocolate, beer, Belgian fries (best in the world) + mussels, the Manneken Pis, the Grand Place and the Atomium, markets in the street, the damn rain (and the snow), the language fair, eternal chats in the brasseries, the masonic icons; the metro, the tram and the lack of bikes; Tintin, the EU atmosphere, a new government every three months, the mitraillette, my terrace.

But what really rocks in Brussels –yeah you saw this coming– is the people. I’ve got two full weeks of holidays, I still need to pack, sign documents, book the tickets… but expect my call to share a penultimate beer!


Wish me good luck.

The dark side of Brussels

We construct the building, we put the frame for the window, the bar… but ops, we forgot the window:


Did I say I wanted a door here? Forget about it:


Instead put the door over there, wherever you want:


Aha, typical souvenirs from Brussels: mugs, dishes, coffee… coffee?:


The 12th floor in the elevator, fine… but the building only has 7 floors. Is that heaven?:


You love it, or you hate it, but you don’t try to understand Brussels.