Farewell to The German Component

I can’t tell the exact date it happened but one day I noticed I wasn’t writing letters anymore (and I used to write a lot of them). E-mail had taken over. About that time another incredible thing happened, I stopped having a landline telephone number, I’d only share a mobile number with my family and friends.

Something similar has happened to this blog. I can’t say the exact day it occurred but I realize I’m not blogging anymore.

I started doing it many years ago, before WordPress.com existed. Hell, it was before WordPress existed at all. It wasn’t even called blogging and people used some primitive tools like Movable Type. I didn’t like it, so I wrote my own (crappy) blogging software and hosted it in zugaldia.com. It was beautiful. Not only it’d force me to write more, but also I’d start getting comments from all over the globe—or part of it, as initially I’d only write in Spanish. It got me to meet incredible individuals I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I’m specially looking at you, “blogroll”.

However during the last couple of years I’ve experienced that 1) I barely write posts, and 2) when I do, they normally get more and better engagement in other places. In particular, with the arrival of Google+ I can pretty much do there what I used to do over here.

That’s why I’m stopping this blog today. It’ll remain open a few more weeks and then I’ll completely wipe it. I won’t close it for now, some people, or Googlebot, may still find some posts useful.

Heartfelt thanks to everybody who participated in this story, this is my new cellphone number: Google+, Twitter, and Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Farewell to The German Component

  1. We ought to vote or something, right? Isn´t this the social web?
    I can´t remember my first “Hello World” … I was more a “mIrc from the uni” guy, but I might be a geocities kid…

    Why wipe it out? :( let it fosilize with wordpress.

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