La Furia Roja

El balón, en el fondo de la red

I know some of you aren’t very fond of watching soccer. I have to admit I really like it, I’ve been one of those loosing their voices in the bars while cheering for their team. I wouldn’t pay 3,000 euros out of the blue to travel to South Africa like I hear some people are doing, but I took the afternoon off to watch the Germany vs Spain match, and I won’t miss the final on Sunday.

This is the first time Spain has made it to a World Cup final and, as expected, this has generated large media coverage with predictable overreactions from both the pro- and anti- soccer folks with whom it’s easy to disagree. I don’t think this is the most important moment in Spanish history, and I don’t think either this will prevent our generation from getting Nobel prices. Germany who we played against have won both several World Cup titles and some more Nobel prices.

It’s just a simple fact these competitions have a great impact in a country. It’s not the first time we have observed this and won’t be last one. Clearly it won’t be enough to fix the country and its mentality, but I believe the image above has changed Spain in a way few things have before. This accomplishment has squelched some of those empty excuses we had heard before about our defeats and I believe you will notice this change in the years to come.

Update: Interesting article related to this topic by Pere Estupinya (Spanish): “Si las elecciones en España fueran dentro en una semana, Zapatero tendría más posibilidades de ser reelegido“.


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