Playing with an iPad

Playing with an iPad

First impressions: it’s heavy! Unlike the Kindle, you won’t be able to use it comfortably with one hand. Also, it’s annoying you need iTunes to set it up, you’d like to see a more independent device. Apart from that, this guy is spectacular. The screen is outstanding, not so much the speakers. I’d like to see a better integration with Google services (for me it’s a must) although Gmail’s interface is great. The keyboard from which I write does the job for short texts. It’s fast, very fast.


2 thoughts on “Playing with an iPad

  1. I also played a little bit at work a couple of days ago (I couldn´t make picture though!).
    I agree it feels heavy, much more than the kindle. It is also impossible to type holding it, you need the lap or a table…
    The screen feel a little bit too…. crystal? I was afraid of touching it :)

    …for the rest, impressive, as I expected :)

    So I guess I still prefer, right now, to jump of a plane than buy an iPad.


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