Where can we get a guy like this for Europe?

So, yes, this has been a difficult two years. There will be difficult days ahead. But let us always remember the lesson of this day — and the lesson of history — that we, as a people, do not shrink from a challenge. We overcome it. We don’t shrink from our responsibilities. We embrace it. We don’t fear the future. We shape the future. That’s what we do. That’s who we are. That makes us the United States of America. — Obama remarks on newly signed health care law.


3 thoughts on “Where can we get a guy like this for Europe?

  1. Well, he’s a good orator, no doubt. But I still haven’t seen a lot behind that façade.
    This quote, for example, is very elegant but also empty. References to history, identity, overcoming difficulties, blah blah blah. /Anyone/ would subscribe to these words. Where’s the value in it, and the information?

  2. Well, Tripu, that might have been a valid point last month but I’m not sure today, once Obama has signed “the most expansive social legislation enacted in decades” — after a bit more than a year in office.

  3. If this is “the most expansive legislation” in decades (is it?) it’s only because of American poor welfare standards.
    Why would we wish for a guy like that in Europe? Even our European conservative politicians seem way ahead of Obama (or most American politicians, for that matter) in social protection, civil liberties and human rights.
    Obama’s best asset is Bush.
    Wasn’t he mean to close Guantánamo by now?
    I don’t deny his good intentions — I would vote for him if I were American, because he’s the best feasible option for the USA (and therefore for the world). But I think we shouldn’t let our guard down just because he’s a good orator and has a superb PR team.

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