2009 in short

  • I moved from the gorgeous Brussels to the splendid Washington DC. I lost the francophone touch, but I gained sun and squirrels.
  • I started a new job, which was the dream of my life. It let me work firsthand in the scientific event of the year and get interviewed rather informally by my favorite blogger.
  • Last year my sentimental life was a good mess, now it’s in perfect karma.
  • Family and friends crossed the ocean to visit the new place, more are on it. I guess swimming.
  • We enjoyed three (and a half) Tapas Days despite something broke each time someone was coming over. Hotel Zeta lost a star, but still remains open, and the price is the same, free!
  • I visited Guatemala and Mexico for the first time; and Boston, Cambridge, Baltimore, Cleveland, Philadelphia and San Diego. I enjoyed a snowstorm and the beach in the same week, 4,000+ km away.
  • I met a few new friends and I tried to keep the old ones. I answered almost all my emails. I met Conchita.
  • I got again formal training at the University, but I didn’t read as much as I wanted.
  • I enjoyed Billy Joel performing Piano Man live. And Achmed, the dead terrorist.
  • I ran more, I rode a Segway for the first time. I met my sister in three different countries, we both got new cameras.
  • I got two flu shots, and I remained healthy. I drank more wine and less beer; I ate more avocados and less fries.
  • I published 42 posts, 547 photos and 571 tweets, an average of 3+ items per day. One of my photos was used by my favorite popularizer of science.

Thank you guys for 2009, can’t wait to keep conspiring with you during 2010!

11 thoughts on “2009 in short

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  2. Here is one that is not yet swimming, but has to schedule a flight to the states soon, to visit you and our friend Wenjun!
    Great summary of the year. I’m glad things are working out so well for you, my friend.

  3. Dear Mr Zugaldia, I’m trying to track down the source for the final paragraph (Laplace’s later declaration concerning predictions) — everything else in the story was in de Morgan’s book. I’ld be grateful if you could cast any light. Thanks,

    “The following story taken from http://zugaldia.net/blog/2006/11/11/napoleon-and-laplace/ is delightful:
    Laplace went in state to beg Napoleon to accept a copy of his work. Someone had told Napoleon that the book contained no mention of the name of God; Napoleon, who was fond of putting embarrassing questions, received it with the remark: “M. Laplace, they tell me you have written this large book on the system of the universe, and have never even mentioned its Creator.”
    Laplace, who, though the most supple of politicians, was as stiff as a martyr on every point of his philosophy, drew himself up and answered bluntly: ”I did not need to make such an assumption.”
    Napoleon, greatly amused, told this reply to Lagrange, who exclaimed: ”Ah! that is a beautiful assumption; it explains many things.”
    Laplace [later] declared: ”This hypothesis, Sir, does explain everything, but does not permit to predict anything. As a scholar, I must provide you with works permitting predictions.””

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