New city, new camera

My sister finally convinced to buy one of these fancy cameras you can see today all over the place, a gorgeous DSLR from Canon. I wanted to have one for years, probably since the times I used to study them in the University and yay after 2,000+ point-and-shoot photos in Flickr the moment has come.

The camera arrived last Friday, just in time for our planed weekend in Philadelphia that none of us had visit before, perfect to start shooting with fresh eyes. Needless to say I completed the 4GB memory card within hours.

And for you, dear and faithful reader, I’ve made a special Selection of The Selection. My personal top 5, those ones I don’t know why –maybe because they’ve a minimum of technique and opportunity– I find particularly mysterious:


These alleys are seriously scary. I saw the car coming and I quickly grabbed the camera, aiming that the focus remained on the guys.


He drew all my attention, I wanted to make sure I didn't miss his eyes.


This wasn't particularly easy, I was in a cab and I wanted to get a sharp image of the girl, on the right side of the image so that you can see where she's heading to.


These guys were a lot of fun, they were skating in a forbidden area and did all kind of things for the camera, the goal was to get a still image of someone in movement!


The Philadelphia Museum of Art is worth visiting, not only the artwork is excellent, the way rooms are set up is impressive.

So far I have only played with the automatic modes and some quick post editions. I can’t wait to walk the camera and start messing things up with the wrong combination of focal length, speed, ISO and depth of field.


18 thoughts on “New city, new camera

  1. Hey qué buenas Antonio, el primer vistazo antes de leerlo me pareció que eran fotos de revista sacadas de algún lugar.

    Cuando he leído que son tuyas he pensado: ¡pero bueno, qué fotones!

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