Sightseeing DC: the nerd parade way

First things first: the White House:

Then the Capitol and Washington Monument:

Time to relax downtown:

Oh, oh, the FBI J. Edgar Hoover building:

and the final fun!

This weekend we tried something different to see the city. I had seen some people riding Segways the other day, so my old legs and I decided it was about time ride one of those, specially when I knew that my mates in Granada where organizing exactly the same plan. Cheaters.

There are several companies in the city doing this and they all look fine (and equally expensive). I chose one pretty randomly (the one who had the best timetable for us) and it turned out to be pretty good. It is Capital Segway and they also are official Segway distributors in case you want to buy one after the ride (I bet you’ll at least consider it). The tour guide knew well the city and the Segways worked great. I have to admit this poor nerd had a good fun.

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