10 things you can buy with 10 bucks

Whenever I go to a new place, for a few days or more permanently, I normally pay attention to a bunch of probably stupid things like: the publications in the newsstands, the commercials in the street, or the menus in the bars. They help me shaping the aroma of the people living there.

Another important thing is to quickly learn what you can actually do with your money. It is therefore my pleasure to share with you the preliminary results of my analysis of DC so far, 10 random things you can get with $10:

  1. 6 bottles of Leffe, always after showing your ID.
  2. Nothing in the Zara in Georgetown.
  3. 10 liters litres of Coke, which is probably cheaper than water.
  4. 3 “small” coffees and the corresponding grilled bagels with cheese, at any Starbucks.
  5. 1 year subscription to Wired (mailed to your place). If I remember correctly, that was more or less the price of just 1 magazine in Belgium.
  6. 45 minutes of Internet, computer included, at a Fedex Kinko’s.
  7. The tip for a $65 dinner.
  8. 1 month subscription to Netflix. This is pretty cool, you can get as many DVDs as you want in a month (only one at time). And also, included in the price, you watch everything you want in streaming.
  9. A taxi ride to cross Washington DC from side to side.
  10. 1/20th of two tickets to see Billy Joel and Elton John live in July :)

4 thoughts on “10 things you can buy with 10 bucks

  1. Since your previous post I had decided never to read you again. But I *have* to state that the correct spelling is “litre”.
    Not “liter”.

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