As his name suggests, he lives in century XVI

The male latex condom is the single, most efficient, available technology to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

The text above is what UNAIDS said five years ago and had to remember this week to politely answer Pope Benedict XVI, who recently said–in his first visit to Africa–that condoms could make African AIDS crisis worse.

This is the best that the Pope, such a finest theologian and smart person, can contribute to tackle the disease. If he did it to draw our attention, congrats, you got it.

Not only he is wrong, but he is terribly wrong, and with his words he’s bringing death and suffering. Sure condoms are not the solution, like airbags and seat-belts are not the solution for car accidents. They are a mean to prevent the catastrophe (seems obvious, right?). Then you also teach people not to drink when they drive, to respect the traffic signs… it all comes in the same package.

I’m missing here a strong response from the priests and nuns not following this advice, and also big demonstrations promoted by the community the Roman Catholic Church is supposed to be. Like the crowds we see in these masses at The Vatican. Because being part of a community means working for it every single day, not only the big good days, isn’t it?

Update: From the witty people at La Bande Pas Dessinée.

La Bande Pas Dessinée

Gracias Ramon!


6 thoughts on “As his name suggests, he lives in century XVI

  1. if enough people listen to him, there could be a case for crime against humanity.
    However I’m told that in many african cultures the same opinion holds anyway, so it’s hard to tell if he’ll have any effect one way or the other.

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