First phase: complete


I need some readjustments though. Today I went to Starbucks and I confidently ordered a coffee à emporter — the face of the nice lady behind the bar was priceless.


6 thoughts on “First phase: complete

  1. hahaa found your blog :) Despite your very obvious warning, it hadn’t registered with me that your feed would move. I think i sent a mail to your old address, too.
    Anyhow, nice to see things are moving along :)

  2. @Ramon: Gracias! Ire ensayando los cocidos guashingtonianos.

    @elise: The systems at the White House were too old so I had to get back to, I’ll keep you posted.

    @Arkangel: La proxima vez en granaino, se va a enterar.

    @AjBerbel: Ya se que a ti no te gusta nada esto, pero ya sabes donde te puedes venir cuando quieras (y es una orden).

    @lapuce: You’re absolutely right, but it’s not that easy to find a proper replacement for Bailli :)

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