Excess baggage


There are some books that unfortunately I cannot bring along so I’m giving them away (gratis), if you are interested in any of them just leave a comment or drop me a message, and please feel free to pass it on to friends:

It’s in these moments when I realize I wish I had a Kindle… ummm… maybe I should get one :)

Update: Striked items are no longer available sorry, the got a new owner!


12 thoughts on “Excess baggage

  1. Me pido :

    # Wikipedia: The Missing Manual, O’Reilly
    # Thinking in Java, 4th edition, Bruce Eckel
    # Intelligence in Nature: An Inquiry into Knowledge, Jeremy Narby

    ¡Gracias ! ¿No te desprendes de ninguno de los libros drupaleros? ;-)

  2. I raise my auction ticket for the Life of Pi – in case anyone else (brusseles-ian) claims itand in case you don’t mind sending it to London, have me on the list.

    Thanks heaps and best of luck assorted with positive energy – always a good recipe for a memorable start in a new place

  3. @Ramón: Te los doy el viernes, los Drupaleros me los llevo todos, si vienes a casa antes del martes te dejo que los mires y sin tocar mucho :)

    @Anca: Excellent, send me your address by e-mail and I’ll drop it before leaving.

  4. Serás…

    yo quería el de la Wikipedia… buaaaa
    esto me pasa por estar en Toronto sin conexión apenas.

    He revisado la lista. Espero que los que yo te regalé no los hayas puesto en un blog alternativo que yo no controle.

  5. @Estban: Cachis, ya nos iremos de compras tu y yo por una B&N.

    @Alex: You’re absolutely right, I should have brought it to the office yesterday :)

    @Charlotte: Te lo llevo esta noche.

    @France: Parfait!

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