Nieve en Bruselas

Ramón, aka the man who only thinks in eating, chatting and love, and Héctor, aka not only sprouts, have proposed a little meme (memito?) to remember the snow we had in Brussels last month–don’t ask me why as I believe today has been the sunniest day in 2009 so far.

The mechanism is pretty simple:

  1. The post should be titled “Nieve en Bruselas” (snow in Brussels). Done.
  2. The content should include your photos of Brussels covered with snow.

Well, I don’t have many from this winter, just a couple from the terrace:

img_1389 img_1386

I’ve some more but they’re from March:

DSC04194 DSC04186 DSC04183 DSC04185 DSC04181

Ah wait I do have a video:

I hope this isn’t against the rules.


5 thoughts on “Nieve en Bruselas

  1. Thanks for the post, the links and the images!

    I will immediately include a link to your post :-)

    This is the typical nonsense that characterizes the best of the best of Brussels ,-)

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