A better way of using OpenSubtitles

From time to time you stumble upon one of these little software gems that you want to share with everyone. Well, I found one this week: SubDownloader. A simple app to automatically retrieve subtitles (any language!) for your favorite movies/series.


This is how it works: it parses your files and connects to IMDB to identify the items you have, then it uses OpenSubtitles to get the list of available subtitles for a particular piece, and with just one more click(*) you can launch the video in your favorite player. And it’s even better, it’s Free Software (gratis too) and you have a package ready for Ubuntu — I don’t know you but I didn’t think twice before making a donation.

Dr. House: I’ll get you next time you dare to put a pathogenic microbial agent, a pathogenic virus, a bacteria, a fungi, a protozoa, a multicellular parasite and aberrant protein in the same sentence. Ha!


(*) Actually you need to configure the application for this. To choose VLC, for example, you have to go to Settings → Others and put /usr/bin/vlc in “video player”, and {0} --sub-file {1} in “parameters”.


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