Things I find fascinating (III)

When I see the video below, the only thing that comes to my mind –excuse me– is the following quote from one of the guys watching them fly: “Hoooly shit!” (*).

It also comes to my mind that I urgently need to go to Norway.

The guy with the yellow suit is Espin Fadnes, crazy enough to turn around himself while he’s almost touching the mountainside with his fingers at I don’t know what unwise speed. So I envy him.

Gracias pulga!

(*) Laviiin compae, para que me entendáis.


5 thoughts on “Things I find fascinating (III)

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  2. Holy…boly…crowly…!!!

    I don’t want to imagine the sensation that on the top of skiing high speed, you start flying at a point…
    ok I already tried imagining, I’d need to try to really get it:)

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