Stop the killing in Gaza!

We can honestly agree that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a rather complex and complicated one, where the two involved parties have a fair set of demands. However what Israel is doing these days (the Administration supported by a majority of Israelis), no matter how you look at it, is absolutely over the top.


A cluster bomb released by Israel over Gaza (Source: Reuters).

This is an extract from the report UN/OCHA published some hours ago:

  • «Seven days of uninterrupted bombardment on the entire Gaza Strip. Registered fatalities amount to 327 and injuries to over 1,100, however there are estimates of additional unregistered casualties up to 421 people killed and 2,100 injured. People are living in a state of fear and panic.
  • 80% of the population cannot support themselves and are dependant on humanitarian assistance. This figure is increasing.
  • According to WFP, the population is facing a food crisis. There are food shortages of flour, rice, sugar, dairy products, milk, canned foods and fresh meats.»

But the Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni thinks that “there’s no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip”.

Based on data and not in propaganda, UNRWA has just launched an urgent appeal requesting funds to cover the most pressing humanitarian requirements. Karen AbuZayd (UNRWA Commissioner General) said: “In my eight years in UNRWA, the urgency of an appeal for the people here has never been so acute. I am appalled and saddened when I see the suffering around me”.

UNRWA is also accepting individual donations through the following two banks:

Arab Bank PLC
UNRWA USD Current account100191-4-510
El-Rimal Branch Omar El-Mukhtar St, Gaza

UNRWA USD Current account 002/057511-185
Swift Code: BBMEJOAX
Amman, Jordan

For my Spanish colleagues: también se puede donar a través del Comité Español de la UNRWA y de La Caixa (ver Guerra Eterna).


7 thoughts on “Stop the killing in Gaza!

  1. The real way to stop the suffer of the Palestinian people

    This article was originally a response to a petition that calls United States to put pressure on Israel to end the violence in Gaza.

    The reality in Gaza is unacceptable!!! No doubt! But if you really care for the Palestinian people, if you want a resolution of the situation, you shouldn’t twist the facts like you do and change your concept. Who do you blame for this catastrophe? To remind you, there is a terror organization called Hamas. He was elected by the Palestinians to the government. The Hamas declares that he doesn’t want peace and his goal is to exterminate Israel (he says it clearly). On the other side there is Israel, which is stronger but is willing to do peace and supports the establishment of Palestinian country at the occupied territories and understands that other compromises should be made as well from her side. Israel has only one demand- stop the terror, for ever! That is exactly what the Hamas (with the support of Iran and other “friends” of the Palestinians) is reluctant to do. The leaders of the Hamas said recently that “even if we will have to die, we wouldn’t stop fighting Israel”. Last weeks (as most of the last 7 years) the Hamas was attacking the Israeli civilian population on a daily basis. Israel asked the international help to stop it while explaining that she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it for much longer and she doesn’t want to be dragged into an extensive military action which will cost a lot of human life (where have you been then??). Hamas declined all attempts to stop those attacks. About the siege, it wasn’t from the beginning and it could be easily removed if the Hamas would just reduce his terror activity. Now, hypothetically, lets say that the hamas (and generally the Palestinians) neglects terror, establishment of free, open Palestinian country that communicates with Israel and the rest of the world will be a matter of few months. The end of the conflict and prosperity can be easily achieved, few square meter of land to this or other side is not the issue. Only one condition- stop terror, for ever. No more killing and suffer, people will be able to feed their family, no more 14 years old children with machine guns or explosive belt.
    You can’t expect that Israel will accept daily terror. The claim that Israel is acting not proportionally- imagine that your child is being bombed every day when he goes to kindergarten, for the last few years. What would be your “proportional” response when you fill that all other means where failed to stop it?! Israel was dragged to that military action that she was unwilling to take.
    For me all people are even. I don’t want to see death or suffer of any side. The conflict in the Middle East should come to an end.
    The real enemy of the civil population is the terror, not Israel, not US.
    Hamas and other fundamentalists are more interested in terror than in the life of their people. They don’t fight for the people; they fight for the fundamentalism and hate. All the horrible things that happen are the consequence of terror; Israel has no interest to strick civil population, the opposite it is against her interests and moral. The hamas is the one that uses schools, hospitals and houses as humen shield for their terror. When you judge the events, please ask your self not only what happen but also why it happen. But, the most important question is “how to stop it?”. The answer is to stop terror, make the hamas understand that peace and mutuality between two separate countries are the only solution. Alternatively, make the Palestinians to understand that the terror is not the way and they could get much better life if they would give up this way and try to maintain peace and normalization. They will have to switch the hamas to a more moderate leadership.
    If you want to help the people in Gaza you have to stop terror. It is easy to fall into the fails concept of “strong bad” Israel killing the “weak poor” Palestinians, just remember that the Palestinians have the key for the solution, they can have peace and a country of there own, they just have to stop terror Israel. Asking from Israel to tolerate the terror is really not the solution….

    Asi Dar

  2. Hamas that declares that he doesn’t want peace and his goal is to exterminate Israelis the problem. Don’t fall to the fails concept of “strong bad Israel” kills the “poor weak Palestinians”, the Palestinians can get prosperity, freedom with country of their own, access to work in Israel and dissent life, one thing they have to do – stop terror, for ever. The key for the solution is in Palestinian hands

  3. I am from Israel, and I disagree with your opinion. I understand how harsh things are in Gaza, and I feel sorry for those kids too. But you have to understand one very important thing – for years and years and years those “innocent” people hidden terrorists in their homes! They let this happen- they chose the Hamas in the election, knowing all this time that this is a terror organization. Now it’s too late to regret and to cry for this mistake. For all those years we did absolutely nothing while those terrorists launched rockets to our territory, on our innocent citizen! 8 years the children in Sderot are living in fear! They afraid that rockets will fall into their room while they’re sleeping!
    I remember that when I was little I made a little card, in which I wrote my name, my mother’s phone number, and even my blood type; so if a terrorist will explode in the play ground, the doctors will know how to take of me, and they will call my mom. And you’ll be surprised to hear that the exact thing happen, a terrorist exploded in the central play ground in my city, luckily I wasn’t there when this happened.
    The Israeli army is very human. So much that Israeli plains scattered brochures night before some part of Gaza was supposed to be bombed, that warned the citizens to vacate. Do you know any other army that would do such thing?
    We’re not battling to kill innocent! We’re battling to kill dangerous terrorist!!
    But if we’ll have to do that in purpose to achieve our goal, unfortunately – we will.
    You simply cannot hide terrorists in the same home where your wife and your children are, and than cry for god’s mercy when they die.
    I care about their pain, I really do; but I care more about the pain of my people.
    And you have no right to judge me, or Israel, before you will experience this harsh reality we’ve been living in the past years.

  4. Hamas was created by Izrael to fight Palestynians.
    Turned out , that Hamas become freedom fighting force for own exterminated nation.

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