Drupalcon: The chronicle (sort of)

OK, the Drupalcon was great so I don’t know why I haven’t publish anything yet!

The organization was impeccable, we got a big and modern venue in the lovely city of Szeged, which became the Drupaltown for a few days. We also got wi-fi, sandwiches and coffee for free (what else do we need?). Several sessions at the same time to guarantee you could always find an interesting topic, relevant keynotes (Dries, Mr. PHP aka “I hate frameworks” and the cool designer guy). It was also nice to see the Sun people around — everything is now on-line by the way. Also the pictures.

A jartá of Drupaleros

A jartá of Drupaleros

My main goal was to be updated on Drupal’s status and to meet potential partners for some of our projects (if everything goes well we’ll be releasing the first one by the beginning of November). I also wanted to know how strong was the project, meaning its community (and believe me it is). And alright, I also wanted to spend some days in the sunny and beautiful Hungary, for god’s sake, it was August.

I could say many things about Drupal after the Drupalcon (I’ll be posting more about it, I promise) but if I’ve to choose one idea (hey, not as radical as the other day), I’d go for the application framework concept. Maybe Drupal was originally intended to be just a CMS, I don’t know, but it isn’t anymore. It’s a mature application framework where you can develop all kind of web applications, including a CMS if you want, but not only. With CCK + Views + modules you can get incredible things done, with the ease of PHP but without its spaghettiness.

If you’re working with Drupal or just developing web apps I strongly recommend you not to miss the next one. You’re gonna have fun.


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