A couple of days ago I went to watch the latest Batman movie. I don’t have much to add about what it’s been already said everywhere. I agree it’s more than a pretty good entertaining movie, visually it’s impressive and the plot is far from being trivial. I was hook on it from the first shot, when Gotham City and its buildings appear for the first time.

That’s why this blog, as public service to society, wants to warn you about the ONLY thing that can irreversible damage your entertaining experience. I don’t know what’s happening in other countries but here in Belgium they’re randomly projecting the following spot during the introductory commercials. Whenever I see it I get shocked for at least 15 minutes and I miss the beginning of the movies trying to recover.

Please train yourself and watch it now so you can get through it faster in the unfortunate case you are forced to watch it:

Ouch, it hurts.


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