June 25, 2008 — XXI Century

I used to play with this thing in a former life

Today my colleagues at the University of Granada told me that an article we sent to a Journal one year ago has finally been published.

One year ago.

And of course we do not have access to the Journal because neither my former University nor my current employer are subscribed to that Journal.

I cannot get a PDF of my own article.

This post is dedicated to those who think there is some room for improvement in Science, damn it, this guy did more for Science than Scientific Journals.


3 thoughts on “June 25, 2008 — XXI Century

  1. Congratulations!!!
    just to tell you that I received two of my articles after… 2 years!!! when I completely forgot about their existence. I almost learned new things reading them again :)
    But normally publisher should send a copy to the author, maybe you should contact him.

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