A por ellos (oe)

Here we go:

  • The group A winner is going to be Portugal, followed by Switzerland (the organizer always performs well).
  • The group B winner is going to be Germany, followed by Poland (“Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win“).
  • The group C winner is going to be Italy, followed by France (I want Italy in the next phase to beat them there).
  • The group D winner is going to be Spain, followed by Russia (Austria, Switzerland and Russia have pretty similar weather conditions, right?).
  • Fernando Torres is gonna be the top scorer (this is the easy one).
  • Spain is gonna win the Eurocup (I’m an atheist with faith).
  • 171 goals, 121 yellow cards, and 9 red cards (más o menos).

Do you dare to bet? Easy, a bunch of bloggers all orchestrated by La Puce have setup a ‘blogfoot team’ at the nice-people-powered Flexvoetbal site (English and Dutch available). If you want to join us just click here and follow the steps, the winner is getting pure Belgian chocolate!


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