As I threatened a couple of days ago, finally I attended the fourth edition of Pecha Kucha [*]. I’ve the impression this is the kind of event where you don’t actually pay much attention to the speakers. Instead, while they present, ideas start floating around.

We had like a dozen of people doing the 20×20 thing and, for better or for worse, the rhythm was quite fast. It’s true that six minutes of rubbish –imagine if it’s in Dutch– can be gigantically exasperating, however, that was the exception.

Naturally they spoke about architecture, but not only, there was also some presentations on music, naked music, toilets, bioinformatics, social movements, I-don’t-remember-what, nonsense, academic trainings, … inspiring all in all. I think I’ll attend the next one, in September if I’m not wrong.

[*] Japanese term meaning ‘blah-blah’ and pronounced peshaksha, far from my first attempt.

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