Things I learned in Delft


  • Delft.
  • The Delft Blue (its ceramic), I have to admit I didn’t know it before.
  • You can see The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam from the city’s main tower. Well, you cannot see Amsterdam.
  • The number of steps in the tower are two hundred and… three hundred and… damn it.
  • I think I’m more scared at the tip of a tower than floating at the International Space Station.
  • Willem van Oranje (aka William the Silent) had to be buried in Delft because the traditional family place (Breda) had just been conquered by us the Spaniards. Take that.
  • Next time I have this English conversation in a tourist office someone is gonna die:

Me: Hello, good morning.
They: Hello, are you Spanish or Italian?

  • I have pending experiences with Japanese and Swahili but, as far as I can tell, Dutch is a perfectly unintelligible language.
  • Cheese is classified in The Netherlands according to a particular scale like “48+ Volvette” (meaning: delicious). It’s perfectly explained here: Kaassoorten per vetpercentage. Any Dutch speaker in the room to clarify?
  • Best memory you can bring from a neighbor country is: food.
  • The “Girl with a Pearl Earring” was painted in Delft, by Vermeer, who lived his whole life in Delft. However, the painting is not in Delft but in The Hague.
  • Vermeer painted dozens of paintings with different characters and situations, but using always the same background (see photos above): a corner, a table, and the light coming from a window located on the left.
  • After the BE and the NE, I can’t wait to visit the LUX.

6 thoughts on “Things I learned in Delft

  1. Pero hombre, ¿cómo se te ocurre jugarte la vida subiéndote a torres?

    La conversación de la oficina de turismo también la he tenido yo alguna vez. ¡Malditos norteños!

  2. Cheese is classified in The Netherlands according to a particular scale like “48+ Volvette” (meaning: delicious).
    OK, short explanation with no guarantee of using proper English terms. If you want to have the German version – feel free to ask.

    Cheese is composed by consistent stuff and water. Let’s say 60% consistent stuff plus 40% water. Now, 48+ means that the cheese has more than 48% fat in the consistent part which, balanced by the water leads to 20something% fat in the overall 100gr we are talking about.

    Clear? Graag gedaan, la puce :)

  3. If it was cheap then because the milk comes from cows which never saw the sunlight.

    Delicious – definitely the fat part is having it’s reasons here.

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