Mum, I’m tof!

Tof” is a bruxellois slang meaning “enthusiastic” or “cool”. In French it’d be translated into something like “chouette”, or “sympa”. Although it’s still in use, it’s not the kind of word you use frequently (actually I’ve asked some Belgian friends, and they don’t know it!).

Vaudeville TheaterYou can find the word for example in Tintin comics. The thing is that Hergè liked to introduce Belgian elements in his stories, and so he did with tof. In Flight 714 there is a character called Mik Ezdanitoff (Kanrokitoff in the English version — special prize for the person mentioning the Spanish one) who helps Tintin and Haddock escape from the island. The funny thing is that “esdanitoff” (note the tof) can be translated as “n’est ce pas chouette?”, “isn’t it cool?”. Isn’t it?

All this nonsense is just to say that I’m officially a “tof person”. And it’s not me saying it; it’s the city of Brussels. There is an initiative to select 100 people living and working in the city, they introduce us to the main events taking place in the city during a year (for free :-)) and, in exchange, we share it with you. Life is sometimes hard.

Geek note: To help us succeed in our tough mission the organization have set up a website with blogs and profiles integrated — we can be very happy because they have decided to go for Drupal. The toffest CMS in the world.

2 thoughts on “Mum, I’m tof!

  1. Well, if your Belgian friends don’t know the word tof, then I suggest they go back to school ;-)
    They’re probably Wallonian (French speaking) aren’t they? “Tof” is a Flemish (Dutch) word for fun. “esdanitoff’ should be “Is dat niet tof?”, meaning “isn’t that fun?”. (I’m pretty sure babelfish and googtranslate can translate that as well).
    So I wouldn’t exactly call it slang (or weird) :-)

  2. Hi Tibault, you’re right, I asked Francophones, I’ll test Flemish speakers next. By the way, Google and Babelfish are translating tof as… tof. Ops :)

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