Things I learnt in Göttingen

  • Gauss’ tomb is a usual place for making barbecues.
  • German trains include your route information next to your seat — privacy concerns to be discussed further on.
  • Finish and Hungarian languages are, surprisingly, very close.
  • If I had to choose between guitar or violin I’d face an irresoluble dilemma.
  • Santiago, Saint James and Jakobus are the same saint! In other words: the Spanish names “Santiago”, “Jaime”, “Diego” and “Jacobo” are actually the same name!
  • The city of Göttingen has been linked with 44 Nobel Prizes, more than any other city in Europe (and more Nobel prices than Spain will ever have).
  • Like Heidelberg, Freiburg and Tübingen, the University of Göttingen has “neither a gate nor surrounding walls“.
  • Tarte Tatin is the best tart ever… well, I already knew this.
  • The Gimp is a brand for laptop cases.
  • German oranges are… enormous.

8 thoughts on “Things I learnt in Göttingen

  1. German trains include your route information next to your seat — privacy concerns to be discussed further on. Sorry to correct you but this is nonsense. The only thing this photo shows is that this very seat (your seat) is booked from Frankfurt Flughafen to Fulda.

    The idea behind this is that you payed for this booking and that someone who didn’t sees immediatly which places are available and which aren’t.
    If your name were displayed on the seat, your postal address and your phone number, you may have to worry.

    I think for once, the Deutsche Bahn can’t be blamed…

  2. I have to admit this thing is pretty cool, but I disagree with you. Why everybody has to know where do I go or where do I come from? It’s fine what they do in other trains; they write a “booked” text in the screen from those two stations, it has the same effect without disclosing my travel itinerary.

  3. Don’t forget galician’s Iago (Sant Iago), which more directly leads to Diego (in an unscientifically proven Iago -> Diago -> Diego) and Santiago, besides also sitting closer to Iacobus/Jakobus.

  4. Well, the issue is that the train doesn’t start at FF Flughafen nor ends at Fulda. So before FF Flughafen and after Fulda, someone may sit on this seat without troubling the person who actually booked it.

    And again, it doesn’t say anything about YOU. It says: This seat is booked.

    Bit obsessed, hein?

  5. @Pachi: You’re right, and then I thought of Thiago too (because of Motta ;)). And according to WP, Yago is also valid.

    @La Puce: Then, you just need to show the FF-Fulda info between those two stations, not during the whole itinerary. Cause as soon as I seat there, it’s saying _I am_ doing that route.

    @Malglam: Claro que sí, germanacomponentízate :-)

  6. Not true. You could be any traveller who takes the seat, especially if the train is fully booked. Usually what people do who did not book is just to sit somewhere and to hope that the person who did doesn’t show up.

    And, what does it matter if anyone sees where you are going to? It was not really a state secret anyway…

    T’es bizarre, quand même

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