Taking decisions

It’s official! Some days ago I got the documents from Granada saying that I’m no longer registered there but in the Consulate. For the first time in my life I moved my residency, abroad… alright, now I feel a bit dizzy. I did it because we have general elections in Spain in a few months –March– and I wanted to be sure I can vote (being registered in the local Consulate is the easiest way to do postal voting).

Today in spite of being (again) a rainy day I felt like taking decisions. For example, I decided the party I’m going to vote in three months time. At the beginning I thought: “How the hell can I decide that now? OK, let’s try to go for simple reasons“. What about this one? It tends to be useful to judge people (and so political parties) by the things they do and not by the things they say; don’t ask me why but it works. And they had four years for doing their job, each party in its role, government and opposition. From here to March we’re going to have just electoral campaign, mainly the time of words (promises, promises and more promises). Just words!

Maybe it isn’t that crazy after all. Today we all should hold on for a second and say to ourselves: “Hey, we can decide the vote now, we actually have all the elements we need to decide“. A quick look at the list of political parties in Spain shows that although we don’t have a pure two-party system, we’re close to it (or at least this is the way I feel it). I don’t consider myself nationalist or regionalist, and therefore, I only have three real options (in alphabetical order): Popular Party (right-wing/conservative), Socialist Party (social-democratic) and United Left (let’s say green euro-communist). The rest of the parties either aren’t national or are minor parties, in the sense that they don’t have a thorough program.

The incongruence of the big political parties drove me several times in the past to vote for the United Left. Also incongruent, but less then the others. They used to have a clear and pure message, close to my ideas and, yes, charismatic leaders. Used to have. Now it’s a political chaos with tremendous internal fights. I don’t see, as before, the program as the central issue. Let’s rule them out of the list.

I know it’s scary but in the end we have to decide between two: the Popular Party or the Socialist Party. [Parties: I don’t think this is about Rajoy or Zapatero. You may have your opinion about their personalities and ideas, and I bet you have them, but I don’t consider that it can definitely decide anything.] During the last four years I kept a kind of mental record, while I was reading the news I was saying to myself: this is wrong, this is right (meaning a point or anti-point for the corresponding party). Perhaps I should have done a deeper political analysis but sometimes life is easy!

And now I look back and see a pretty clear picture. Both parties have made a long list of mistakes and good choices but, ops, it’s not balanced by any means. The Socialist Government has been a true government, pushing forward several important proposals, some of them really brave, some of them absolute failures (and sometimes they’ve even recognized it). However, the opposition of the Popular Party has been fundamentally non-constructive. They have used terrorism as a political weapon, and I can barely remember a sound positive contribution to any political agreement. I will not reward unfair playing. Any doubt which party I’ll go for?



2 thoughts on “Taking decisions

  1. Ey, podría haber escrito yo mismo este texto. Yo también estoy recién inscrito en el consulado para poder votar (ya hablamos de intentarlo para las municipales, ¿recuerdas?). Y desde luego una campaña electoral (y una laaarga precampaña, qué pesaitos son los jodíos políticos) no me va a hacer cambiar el voto. A ver lo que sale de las elecciones.

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