I love the new Spanish national anthem

Probably you have already seen it on the news: the Spanish national anthem got lyrics (at last):

Coat of arms of Vanuatu¡Viva España! / Cantemos todos juntos / con distinta voz / y un solo corazón. [Long live Spain! / Let us all sing together / with different voices / and a single heart.]

¡Viva España! / Desde los verdes valles / al inmenso mar, / un himno de hermandad. [Long live Spain! From the green valleys / to the wide sea, / an anthem of brotherhood.]

Ama a la patria / pues sabe abrazar, / bajo su cielo azul, / pueblos en libertad. [Love the fatherland / as it knows embracing, / under its blue sky, / peoples in freedom.]

Gloria a los hijos / que a la Historia dan / justicia y grandeza / democracia y paz. [Glory to the sons / who give to History / justice and greatness / democracy and peace.]

And it’s so incredibly abstract that it could perfectly fit for the national anthem of, let’s say, Vanuatu. On the other hand, it’s really useful; if in the following years we conquer Portugal and Morocco we don’t need to change it, it’s still perfectly valid. As La Puce says, Belgium has a kind-of government, France has Carla Bruni and Spain has a text for the national anthem.

Update: The Spanish Olympic Committee has just withdrawn the lyrics for the anthem.


8 thoughts on “I love the new Spanish national anthem

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  2. I´ve read that post and I agree, but the second question is still not answered… every country has an anthem (that´s what we imagine and suppose), but, do we need them? no comments? no debate? no opinions?

  3. @Awen, I think it’s a cool thing to have. I like, for example, very much the European anthem (although not really official), it’s a matter of how much you identify with the symbol it represents. Maybe with more dynamic borders we wouldn’t question it that much… ah, one more reason:


  4. I´ve allways thought that borders, religions and envy are the reasons of our wars… envy is inside the first two reasons, but so important that I´ve wrote it down too.

    If we delete borders in our maps, eliminate the blood feelings about being from somewhere and we just keep the memories that give us the knowledge about where we were born… I dont know, but maybe the world could be better.

    “… you may say I’m a dreamer…” I really believe in this, i´ts not a dream, could be real…

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