2007 – 2008

Grand Place

2007 is over, and 2008 started without fireworks. We had a terrorist threat in the city and all pyrotechnics were canceled (ops, mum and dad, I forgot to tell you). As today I was planning to put some pictures of the Grand Place full of light I better go for the plan B. I’ll write something instead, something –sorry I’m still sleepy– like the following:

  • 2007 was born unachievable, messy, wrong, provoking and full of hope. Finally, it was a step forward about to fail.
  • 2007 was love, and troubles d’amour. The new year starts on the right track.
  • 2007 was Heroes, CSI, 4400, House, Stargate Atlantis, 24, Prison Break, Criminal Minds and Lost… 2007 was a difficult year.
  • 2007 was not Geneva.
  • 2007 was learning to let some people go.
  • 2007 was ruled by fear. We were scared to admit we don’t have answers for everything. 2008 will be pretty much the same.
  • 2007 was ruled by hypocriticals, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it.
  • 2008 sera plus Français, und mehr Deutsche.
  • 2007 fue Territorio Internacional, 2008 is The German Component.
  • 2007 was az at ugr.es. It was magnetism and simulations, a pending task awaiting to be finished.
  • 2008 sera plus Français, und mehr Deutsche.
  • 2008 will be Normandie, Göttingen, London, Seville, Berlin… and Krakow. And Paris, bien sûr. New York should have to wait. I would love to go to Africa.
  • 2008 is the year in which I’ll turn 30. No, I’m not yet ready.
  • 2008 started abroad. Rebe, many thanks for the rescue; it was great sharing the time with your Scottish, Belgian (yes, we had Belgians!), French and Italian band. I don’t know yet why the hell I though they were Argentinians.
  • 2008 is, holy crap, the 21st century.

3 thoughts on “2007 – 2008

  1. Feliz año nuevo!!!
    qué pena lo del aviso terrorista…

    La verdad que has tenido un año sensacional. Sólo te deseo que este sea al menos tan interesante. O mucho más…

  2. @Estebán: Feliz año!!! (ves como no era tan mala idea venirse para Bruselas? ;-)) Lo del aviso fue un incordio, nos quitaron los fuegos artificiales, y de madrugada la ciudad era un poco caos…

    @Ara: Igualmente!! Y eso digo yo, a ver cuando esa visita.

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