Manifiesto 2009

PESNow that Esteban is aiming a gun at me living chez moi for a few days I’d like to write about his latest project: Manifiesto 2009 (by the way, I think I’ve seen that picture before ;-))

As he explained some time ago in Polisea, it’s essentially the Spanish version of the manifesto2009 website, an initiative from the Party of European Socialists (PES) to foster an “an open consultation on priorities and progressive policies for our common manifesto for the European elections in June 2009“.

In other words, with more than a year in advance, PES has started a “social 2.0” initiative (blogs, Facebook, Youtube, Flickr …) to promote our participation in the next European elections. We usually say –and we’re often right– that politicians are isolated in their ostentatious offices, far away from the people. We feel that our democracy is not participative enough, only limitedly representative. Well, this looks like an idea exactly in the opposite direction. And, therefore, on the right track; I don’t see it as just a vote-harvester.

I don’t know how the project will evolve (it depends on us), but I find it quite… dangerous. Imagine it works. Think for a second we provide enough input to the PES and they create a program based on our comments. We, poor and innocent citizens, would be generating policies for twenty seven countries. Isn’t that unacceptable?


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