I have something to confess

Ffffffffff...I don’t have a TV at home.

Yes, I know, it sounds terrifying. The house where I live is fantastic. I have a splendid terrace, a big room, all kind of furniture, wonderful flatmates… everything is perfect, but there is no TV. Nine months already. Well, we actually have one but it’s broken. Or we haven’t payed the subscription to watch the channels. Or something like that, to be honest I never tried to turn it on.

If I want to watch a movie, I rent it and I play it on the computer. Or I borrow it from friends. It may seem weird, but I’ve even bought a TV series on DVD. Unfortunately I can’t download files from the Internet at home, but I’ve been watching some movies I had downloaded before. And I go to the cinema.

You may wonder if I ever felt the need of watching a particular TV program. The answer is a categorical “yes”. For example, I remember I wanted to watch a program in March in the Spanish public channel. However I found out that they have a working P2P mechanism and that the computer is more than enough. I had the same problem few weeks ago, I wanted to see a new program… which is publishing the videos in Youtube.

Alright. I have to admit that from time to time I really need a TV. That happens when Real Madrid is playing the Champions League. Or with Fernando Alonso, or for the rugby championship (yes, I’ve been perversely influenced). However I’ve discovered that the neighborhood is plenty of great Irish pubs where you can see all kind of matches (you won’t imagine the actual density of matches per day!). And with friends, enjoying a warmer atmosphere. And eating delicious food.

I don’t have a TV at home, and it’s terrific.

5 thoughts on “I have something to confess

  1. Pero Antonio, tienes que arreglar eso… No por ver los 3 o 4 programas que te interesen (al fin y al cabo, los de deportes que has nombrado también los puedes ver por alguna web o similar), ¡es que es la Tele!

    Es lo más parecido a una madre en la distancia, está ahí hablando de fondo, es familiar, le puedes decir casi cualquier cosa,… Y lo que ahorra uno en psicólogos pudiendo hablarle a la tele. Claro que, pensandolo bien, también están los blogs…

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