Inspired lawmakers

Interesting article yesterday in El País regarding the situation of lobbies in Brussels: “Coto a los ‘lobbies’ en Bruselas“. It mentions the transparency initiative promoted by the Barroso Commission, and the strong objections showed by EPACA (European Public Affairs Consultancies Association), the (largest?) association of lobbies in Brussels. For better or for worse, the current Commission is trying once again to learn from the US –Washington has already regulated this issue–, specially after the Jack Abramoff Indian lobbying scandal.

The article points out how natural is to be a lobbyist today in Brussels, and it’s true. When you arrive to the city for the first time you may think it’s kind of taboo. After few months you realize that the majority of people working in the international sphere either is working for an official EU institution or for a lobby. Your contacts, customers… flatmates, friends… and well, actually that’s what I’ve been doing somehow during the last three months!

(Gracias Rebeca.)


2 thoughts on “Inspired lawmakers

  1. Sorry, nothing to do with the post but you shouldn’t have put this link to justinguitar… I cannot work if I find homepages like these!
    (What I want to say is thank you but, well, you know me :)

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