That was fast

I set up this blog on Wednesday. Only two days later the string «the german component» appears as the first result in Google:

Friday - Google - The German Component

You may wonder, and what about the grand competitor? Have Yahoo! noticed?

Friday - Yahoo - The German Component

Well, unfortunately the answer is: No.

PS.- I’m currently hosted by Yahoo!


11 thoughts on “That was fast

  1. jejeje
    he comprobado polisea…
    de 13.200 resultados encontrados, los 5 primeros son míos… muchos trabajo ha costado :-)

    Oye… quiero la foto de las banderas para la web europea, a ti te queda mucho mejor la del tranvía…

  2. Dear readers, thanks to Lapuce’s comment (here, even a word without a full stop we call it a comment ;-)) we’re learning some German. After hard and intense hours of research, I managed to find that “Angeber” means to “show off”. In other words, Lapuce loves the post and as so, we’ll back to this soon. Jaja.

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