Buying time

I’m sure you’ve already seen this recommendation in tens hundreds thousands of blogs already, but this website is really worth visiting:

Crescent Saturn

It’s the Astronomy Picture of the Day, a NASA initiative that publishes impressive astronomical images / photos in a daily basis, including comments from professional scientists. You know, an astronomical image is worth a thousand horoscope words.

And now that you’re entertained with the photos I have some extra time to fix a couple of technical issues around here… I’ll be back soon =:-)

Update — 1 minute later: I forgot to say you also have an official RSS feed for the entries.

3 thoughts on “Buying time

  1. This photo has remembered me my last class of physics. The teacher talked about the different theories of the expansion of the Universe, very interesting. One was the progressive cooling of the Universe so a group of friends and me thought that the seals would conquer the planet.

    Pd: Nice photo :-)

  2. Yes i’ve seen that one yesterday. I can see this nebula from my window :_). My favourites nebulas are the Head of Horse (la de que tiene forma de cabeza de caballo) and Orion (MIB :P)

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